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I own a small business, and I’d like to provide child care for my employees. What additional insurance coverage do I need, if any?

Offering day care service to employees is a great way to provide a benefit that allows employees to be productive at work and keep an eye on their children. However, for a small company this benefit offers up a host of problems:
• Where on your business premises will the daycare be located? 
• Who is going to run the daycare facility?
• How will you conduct background checks and certifications?
• What happens if a child is injured and/or molested?
• What happens if a care giver is injured?  

Most of these risks can be covered by insurance.  If your existing insurance carrier isn’t willing to assume the risk, you will need to purchase a separate coverage. The additional costs to provide daycare, including liability insurance, can be considerable. Ercolini Insurance can able help you weigh the potential costs and reach the most financially sensible decision for your business.  

I’m a small business owner with a home office. Is my computer equipment covered under my home owner’s policy, or should I carry additional coverage?

The standard home owner’s policy has limits on property used in business of $2,500 while on the residence premises and $250 while away from the premises. These limits can usually be removed for a small additional charge.  Also, most carriers offer a computer endorsement which may provide more comprehensive coverage than just extending the personal property coverage to the computer.

I backed into the retaining wall next to my garage at home, damaging the trunk and the paint. It seems minor, but the body shop estimates it will cost over $1000 to fix. My auto insurance deductible is $500, and I’m not sure if I should pay for the repairs ‘out of pocket’, since making a claim on my insurance policy might raise my premium. What should I do?

The best answer is, ‘it depends’. While your auto insurance company won’t impose a surcharge on your policy until after the company has paid more than $500, the surcharge amount your insurance company imposes depends on numerous criteria. Your driving record, previous insurance claims and other factors impact what size surcharge appears on your policy. Ercolini Insurance can review your driving and insurance record, evaluate the potential impact to your policy, and help you reach a decision.

I’m a Massachusetts business owner. Does every business owner with employees need to carry workers’ compensation insurance, or is this coverage optional?

Yes, all Massachusetts employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover their employees, including themselves if they are also an employee of the company.  This requirement applies regardless of the number of hours employees work in any given week, except that domestic service employees must work a minimum of 16 hours per week before the employer is required to provide coverage. You can access a link to the Massachusetts workers’ compensation guidelines on our Links page.

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