“Patti Wood has thoughtfully attended to the often complex needs of our computer business…I have found her common sense, thoroughness and reliability to be a wonderful help to our business, and her sense of humor has helped a lot too. I strongly recommend this firm to both families and businesses.”
– A. Frost, Boston, MA
The professionals at Ercolini Insurance have decades of experience helping protect our customers’ business and personal assets - and their peace of mind. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our staff and how their real-world expertise can help you.
Learn about the types of specialty coverage Ercolini Insurance offers to protect precious assets such as furs and jewelry, and find out how an umbrella policy can give you additional peace of mind to protect your most valuable assets.
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The web sites listed here offer other useful resources.
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•  Insurance Information Institute
•  Massachusetts Division of Insurance
•  Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
•  National Auto Dealers Association

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