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Ercolini Insurance knows that business owners have unique coverage needs and liability concerns. We provide expert advice and comprehensive business insurance coverage to protect your business assets - and your livelihood. We write policies for business automobile, business property, general and excess liability, workers’ compensation, bonds, professional liability and directors’ and officers’ liability.

Business Auto
Business or commercial automobile insurance provides coverage for private passenger vehicles, trucks, tractors and trailers, and vehicle fleets owned or used by your business. A variety of policy forms and limits of coverage are available to meet your business needs, including options to broaden coverage beyond that offered on the standard policy form. Ercolini Insurance is well versed in the specialties of business auto coverage and will work with you to craft the most appropriate coverage for your business.

Business Owner Packages
A package policy can be an efficient, cost-effective way to combine a variety of insurance policies for your business, including property and contents, liability and crime coverage. You can include ‘non-owner’ liability coverage to protect your business when employees operate their personal automobiles for business purposes, or automobile liability for non-owned or hired automobiles your business uses. Ercolini Insurance will assist you to create a comprehensive insurance package suited to your business needs.

Workers’ Compensation
All Massachusetts employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover their employees, including themselves if they are also an employee of the company.  This requirement applies regardless of the number of hours employees work in any given week, with some minor exceptions. Ercolini Insurance will help guide you through the rules governing workers’ compensation in Massachusetts.

General Liability
A general liability policy insures you against accidental damage occurring as a direct result of your business activities. For example, if you are a professional plumber who accidentally starts a fire while welding a pipe, thereby causing damage to the customer’s property, the general liability policy will cover those damages and protect your business from lawsuit. An Ercolini Insurance professional can talk with you about general liability insurance for your business, and write a policy to protect your business assets.

Professional Liability
Professional liability insurance can best be described as protecting you against what a client believes your business didn’t do, rather than actual physical damage. Depending on the type of business you own, professional liability is crucial to protecting your business and its assets against losses from lawsuits filed by clients against your business. As a professional, you are expected to perform services for which you are hired in accordance with proscribed standards of conduct, and failing to fulfill those standards may result in charges of malpractice or, in the case of negligence, harm through ‘errors and omissions’. If you are a patent agent, for example, a client might assert damage if you fail to file the necessary paperwork to sufficiently protect your client’s invention against duplication by a competitor. Professional liability insurance is specialty coverage outside your other business owner’s policies, and Ercolini Insurance can help you craft the most effective policy for your business.

Commercial Bonds
Bonding is required for a number of professional and business activities, as well as to guarantee financial transactions. For example, if your business mails a client or supplier a money order which is lost in the mail, your bank may require a bond before re-issuing the money order. Many licensing authorities require bonds for professions such as real estate brokers, notaries public, auto dealers and constables. Additionally, fidelity bonds cover losses you may incur from employee dishonesty or misconduct. Ercolini Insurance can explain in detail the types of commercial bonds that may be appropriate for your business.

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